• 09 Apr

    Increasing public support for wind energy - the EU Horizon 2020 WinWind project

    While wind energy is steadily becoming a key pillar to assure Europe's clean energy supply, this energy technology still faces resistance from citizens throughout Europe for various reasons - e.g. its impact on the landscape, flora & fauna as well as people's comfort (i.e. noise level created by wind turbines). 

    shutterstock 3347403With this in mind, the EU Horizon 2020 project WinWind seeks to increase public support and drive the market uptake of wind energy in Europe. WinWind, which runs from October 2017 - March 2020, is coordinated by the Freie Universität Berlin and includes Covenant supporter ICLEI in its diverse consortium (e.g. public authorities, investment fund, energy agencies). Its objectives are screening, analysing, discussing, replicating, testing & disseminating feasible solutions for increasing social support and thereby the uptake of wind energy in Europe.

    The WinWind project will focus on "wind energy scarce regions" in the countries Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Norway and Poland. It will analyse regional and local communities´ specificities, socioeconomic, spatial & environmental characteristics and the reasons for slow market deployment in the selected model regions. WinWind will work with national/regional  stakeholder desks consisting of the project partners, market actors and other stakeholders in the regions.

    The Covenant coordinators Lazio, Abruzzo and Sardinia regions (all Italy) and the Balearic Islands (Spain) are involved in the WinWind project as key stakeholders. 

    During the course of WinWind, best practices to overcome the identified obstacles will be assessed and – where feasible – transferred. There will be a special focus on novel informal/voluntary procedural participation measures, direct and indirect financial participation measures & benefit sharing