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Space for cities initiative seeks to explore potential of satellite-based services to improve urban quality of life
Space for cities initiative seeks to explore potential of satellite-based services to improve urban quality of life
11 december 2017 - 10:10

A new European initiative for cities aims to foster the quality of life in urban areas through the peaceful use of satellite services.

Space for cities was launched by Eurisy, a non-profit association of space agencies that fosters the use of satellites in non-space sectors such as transport, health, environmental protection, agriculture or land use. This initiative seeks to promote the use of satellite applications to make European cities healthier, cleaner, safer and more efficient.

While satellites cannot tackle climate change on their own, they can provide valuable information to local authorities to support them in their climate mitigation and adaptation actions, such as for preventing floods. Satellite imagery e.g. allows for an integrated view of land uses, soil quality and infrastructures, and can inform a city's decisionmaking on where to build a new park for instance. Moreover, earth observation provides data on air temperature and quality, and enables local authorities to identify urban heat islands on their territory. 

These are just a few of the many existing applications of satellites in cities. With this in mind, the Space for cities initiative wants to go one step further and engage in a dialogue with European cities, to assess their challenges and needs in order to match them with improved satellite services.

For this purpose, the Space for Cities initiative is warmly inviting the cities of the Covenant community to participate in 2 new surveys:

  • In the first survey, local authorities already using satellite services are asked about their experience with these services.
  • The second survey is dedicated to local authorities which are not using satellite services, but would like to know more about their uses and potential.
  • Stay updated on the developments of the Space for Cities initiative by following Eurisy on Twitter
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