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**New case study** Bratislava, Slovakia: A scheme for the purchase of rainwater management installations
**New case study** Bratislava, Slovakia: A scheme for the purchase of rainwater management installations
5 december 2017 - 09:14

Through its subsidy scheme for the purchase of rainwater management installations, the municipality of Bratislava encourages households to contribute to protecting the city from pluvial floods and property from damage.

Consistent long-term monitoring of air temperatures and other climatic variables in Bratislava have shown an increasing variability in air humidity. After recurrent floods of the River Danube in the twentieth century, the city has built large-scale and mobile infrastructure and is now protected against 1,000 and 100-year floods, the number of years here referring to the projected frequency of such floods occurring. However, intense rainfall is still impacting the city and requires adaptive responses.

One of the most immediate solutions to make the city more resilient against intense rainfalls is to implement measures of increasing water retention. This can be through green infrastructure which makes soils more permeable, or through grey infrastructure which contains and/or channels surplus water. While municipalities can do this in public spaces, they are often restricted when it comes to private properties. In order to overcome this barrier, the city of Bratislava created a subsidy for sustainable water management installations in 2016: building water reservoirs, rainwater gardens, small green roofs, adjustment of pavements, use of permeable materials, etc. Only private organisations and households are eligible. [...] Read more.

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