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Sustainable urban mobility: Applications for the CIVITAS 2017 Awards are now open!
Sustainable urban mobility: Applications for the CIVITAS 2017 Awards are now open!
12 június 2017 - 09:49

The call for applications to the CIVITAS 2017 Awards in the field of sustainable urban mobility has just been launched.

The CIVITAS Awards highlight the most ambitious, innovative and successful efforts in all aspects of sustainable urban mobility. It is the EU's highest award for clean urban transport and inspires cities across Europe to increase and accelerate their actions in this field.

This year, the CIVITAS Forum member cities can apply to these 4 titles:

  • The "Bold Measure" Award for a daring and innovative approach that has not been widely implemented yet and positions the city as pioneer in certain thematic categories
  • The “Take Up” Award for innovative sustainable urban mobility measures that have been successfully transferred from one city to another
  • The “CIVITAS Legacy” Award for a city that has successfully translated their inspiring and committed involvement in CIVITAS into long-term implementation of innovative measures with a high impact
  • The “Transformations” Award for significant transformation and progress towards a liveable and smarter city through an integrated set of mobility measures.

Award-winning cities will benefit from:

  • A formal acknowledgement letter signed by the European Commission, recognising the city’s commitment to the objective of a cleaner and more sustainable public transport in Europe
  • Visibility on the CIVITAS website and promotional material
  • Pan-European media coverage
  • Invitation to conferences and workshops organised by the EU Commission's transport directorate-general (DG MOVE) on sustainable mobility.

The deadline for application to all 4 CIVITAS titles is 14 July 2017.

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