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Smart Towns Central and Eastern Europe Conference
Smart Towns Central and Eastern Europe Conference
29 - 30 november 2017 10:00 - 17:00
Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Smart City concept has contributed in recent years to the emergence of many big cities across Europe. However, the majority of European cities and towns are smaller in size, and therefore have different challenges. This is particularly true for cities and towns Central and Eastern Europe.

With the aim of connecting these cities and towns and facilitating the exchange of best practices between them, the Directorate for Urban and Regional Policies of the EU Commission and the Slovenian Smart Cities and Communities (coordinated by Jozef Stefan Institute) is organising a conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in order to better connect the cities and towns of Central and Eastern Europe to European networks.

This event will bring together representatives of Central and Eastern European towns and cities, utility companies and SMEs, and enable them to discuss the possible solutions that would satisfy the needs of their local needs. The conference will also include a matchmaking event focusing on digital services for citizens.

Organiser: EU Commission & Slovenian Smart Cities and Communities


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